Figuring It All Out

We haven't been taking many pictures, so I'll tell you a little bit of what's going on here. I'm concentrating on talking! Usually, when I talk about what people have, everybody gets the word "have." For example, every morning, "Daddy have coffee." But today, I said, "Daddy has coffee. Daddy has oatmeal, too."

Here's another one. When Mommy and I got home from running errands today, I told Mommy, "Daddy drove Toto. Mommy drove Dingo." Mommy says I'm working on my verbs. OK, Mommy.

And if you want to know why our old, black car is named Toto and our new, white car is called Dingo, you'll just have to ask my mom and dad.

Pizza Day

Yesterday was Pizza Making Day at Daddy's work-but it was just for kids. What a great idea!

Here I am with Daddy getting ready to color my pizza box.

Now I am sampling the cheese before it goes on my very own pizza.

I got to drink my first Capri Sun.

Here comes my hot pizza!

Good stuff. Mommy and Daddy helped me eat my pizza, but I didn't let them have too much.

Now I am a pizza chef.

After pizza time, I went to Daddy's office. I love to play with these little toys on his desk.

The best part of the day was the ride home because Daddy's boss gave me my very own car magazine. What a great day!


I love visitors! Today, Mommy's fried, Ms. Gretchen, came over with her three kids, my new friends. We played together and had lunch. Here we are: me, Mary Beth (who is a few days younger than me,) Peter (the oldest,) and James. We had a fun time! Ms. Gretchen has been Mommy's friend almost forever, but they haven't seen each other since before any of us were born.

And, last night, my cousin Sarah came over and helped me build car washes. That's what I build these days, and Sarah is so good at it. Thanks for the visits, everybody!

At the Car Wash

You know what Mommy is saying.  Here's what I'm saying: 

This vehicle goes through that.
Hello vehicle!
Now out that car wash, yes.
Now in that car wash.
Now in that car wash, yes.

Tractor go through that car wash.
This vehicle park (by) tractor.

Too big, this vehicle too big go through that car wash in through this one too, yes.
Washing vehicle some water on red shoes, yes.
That sounds like fun wash that vehicle, yes.

Daddy's Coming Home!

My daddy has been on an airplane trip this week, and I've missed him a lot. He's on that airplane again right now, flying home to see me! I can't wait for a good snuggle with him. I love you, Daddy!


Lately, driving has become very important to me. I've always liked vehicles, but now I like to spend a lot of time driving them. I also like to talk about where they are going and where they are planning to park.

You might also notice from the top picture that I have returned to my trusty diapers. No potty for me! Lots of driving requires lots of flexibility, and I just can't be tied down to that potty all the time.

Hello, Playhouse!

Dinner with Ella

After a happy Saturday, we had a happy Saturday night. Mr. Dave and Ms. Jen came over with Ella for dinner. We had lots of playtime before dinner, and then we had a great dinner, too. Bedtime came all too soon, but I know we can play again another day. Thanks for a happy Saturday night, everybody!

Here are some playtime pictures of Ella and me.

Happy Saturday!

We had a very happy Saturday today. My favorite part was going to the train store. It's really an educational store, according to Mommy, but I call it the train store because it has a train table for kids with lots of Thomases. I had it all to myself!

After that, we went to the bookstore for storytime. Since I don't do group storytimes very well, we had our own family storytime. Daddy is such a good reader!

Later, we went to a nursery, but not a nursery for babies. It was a nursery for plants. I walked around saying, "Yook at all yese fow-yers!" ("Look at all these flowers!")

The nursery was an amazing place.

Now, Ella is going to come over for dinner. It's been a happy Saturday!

Playdate at Ella's

I had a fun morning today! I got to go to Ella's house and play. Mommy didn't get any pictures of me because she was busy with other things (maybe you can guess what they were-remember, Mommy is giving me privacy on this issue) but we had a great time. You can see the other buddies on Ella's blog. I was so happy to see Ella and Jared, and there was a brand-new baby there, too. Ms. Jen made wonderful banana bread. When we got home, Grandma came by to visit with me before my nap. She is really good at playing on the floor with me. All in all, it was a great morning!

The Next Step

We've made another family decision (after the big boy bed decision) that it's time for potty training. Now that I'm big, I get a lot more input than I used to! We have the potty and the training pants, and I hear rumors of some special treats. Mommy is very nervous and Daddy is very intrigued, just like always. I have my own ideas of how this will go, but I'm not telling about those just yet. I've asked Mommy to give me some privacy on this issue, so we won't be blogging about my progress. We'll say something when we're done, or we'll say something if we quit and decide to wait awhile. It's always interesting doing new things with my parents! And I sure do like my new potty...

The big boy bed is not stopping me from sleeping sideways.

First Night in the Big Boy Bed

After four successful nap days in a row, including staying in bed until Mommy came to get me, Daddy, Mommy, and I decided to try a whole night in my big boy bed.

All of the little buddies who are still sleeping in cribs should know that big mattresses are so much softer than hard crib mattresses! As you can see, they're even soft enough for back sleeping.

Mommy and Daddy (but mostly Mommy) were worried about me wandering at night, so they put my gate up outside my door.

I did it! When Mommy and Daddy came in to get me this morning, I almost jumped out of bed. I was so happy to see them! I can't believe I became a big boy so quickly.

Welcome Home, Daddy!

If you wonder where Daddy was while I was at Uncle Todd's party, I can tell you: he was on an airplane flying home to me. He went on a long trip to be in a wedding, and I can't wait until he's home. Welcome home, Daddy!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Todd!

I usually don't blog much about grownup birthdays, but I'm going to make one exception because tonight I got to go to Uncle Todd's 30th birthday party. (The last time I was at a 3oth birthday party I was two days old, and the party was in Mommy's hospital room. I didn't have a blog then! Next time I go to a 30th birthday party, I'll blog about it.) Here I am with Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne. Aunt Corinne gave Uncle Todd a great party. Lots of people that I love were there and kept me entertained.

Here I am with Aunt Amanda. She gave me this great "Mom" shirt that everyone, including my mom, thinks is great.

Can you believe that this was Uncle Todd's cake? It looked just like his truck, Earl. Maybe Mommy will take this as a hint of what I want for a cake on my 3rd birthday.

Uncle Todd let me taste his truck cake frosting. You can see why we get along so well. Trucks and frosting, what could be better? Happy 30th birthday, Uncle Todd!

Another Yard Discovery

We have azaleas in the backyard! (In this picture, it's raining, and we're so thankful for the water.)

Ama-yules and Trucks

You've probably noticed that my mom is really focused on painting the inside of our house.

In our old town, there was a Wal-Mart where we bought paint (and anything else we needed.) Now we know that it was a wonderful Wal-Mart. When we moved here, we discovered that Wal-Mart is not a good place to shop! So, we've found a new place to buy paint: Ace. None of this would concern me unless Ace was my favorite store. Here's why it's my favorite:

I get to visit the ama-yules...

and the trucks.

We visit Ace every now and then for paint, and I'm always very excited to go. It will be a sad day when Mommy finishes painting!

Remember When

Ok, first the cute picture. I'm 7 1/2 months old here.

Yep, I was pretty cute. Now for this one. As you saw in a post from earlier today, my CT scan results are in, and I'm fine. We're very, very thankful. I'm posting this picture because if you click on it to make it big, you can see that my left side of my face was a little lower than the right side even when I was a little baby. Mommy noticed it way back then, but nobody else did.

Mommy and Daddy know that babies are miracles, and we don't know why God chose to bless our family so much and put the three of us together, but we're so thankful that he did.

First Strawberries From Daddy's Garden

I'm Fine!

The doctor just called to let my mom know that my brain is just fine. My face is flat on the left side because I have liked to sleep on it since I was old enough to decide to sleep on my tummy. It's called plagiocephaly. But, it affects my looks and nothing else, and as I've said before, my mom and dad still think I'm cute. This is what we thought all along. (Not that I'm cute-but that the asymmetry of my face was from sleeping on it.)

Thanks to everybody who prayed for me and encouraged my mom and dad in so many ways! We love you!

Look What I Made at MOPS!

No News

My mom talked to the doctor this evening, and the doctor hasn't received my CT scan results yet. She'll call when they come, and we'll post what we find out. Thanks for checking on me!

More About Easter

Easter turned out to be a really fun day. I'm learning to be happy in the nursery at church again. At church this Sunday, all the kids went up to the steps at the front of the church for a special message for the kids, and the man up there gave us each an Easter Bible.

After my nap, we visited lots of my relatives who live nearby. It was so great to see them!

I played in this little door with Baby Natalie...

played (and posed for this picture) with Aunt Amanda, Uncle Todd, and Aunt Corinne...

finished decorating my eggs with these little bugs...

and hunted for eggs for the very first time. It was an Easter to remember!