Sophia and Antonia

On Sunday, our friends from the City paid us a visit, and I got to play with Sophia and Antonia, age 3 and 5. (You are just now hearing about it because Mommy and I have been feeling yucky since yesterday.) We're thankful that our friends are just a short drive away so that we can see them every few months. The mommies and daddies have known each other since grad school when there were no kids and life was not very interesting. Since Antonia is only five months older than me, we enjoyed doing a lot of the same things.

Here we are spinning the letters on this box that used to live at Ava's house...

and taking a ride in it.

Now we are burying Mr. Charlie in my stuffed animals.

I think he's done now.

Now it's Antonia's turn to be buried. Did you notice that she has glasses like mine? And they're just as cute.

Here are all three of us playing in my sandbox...

which is a very fun thing to share! Thanks for a fun day of playing, Sophia and Antonia!

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