I can share pictures again, so here's one of me running around at home. (I'll show you more traveling pictures soon.) I look like such a big boy in this picture because I'm in my 3T big boy clothes now. I have a magnet in my hand because Mommy is starting to trust me not to put them in my mouth anymore. (I still try it sometimes when she's not looking, just for old time's sake.) You might also see that I have a sandal tan. Even though my mom and dad keep sunscreen on me all the time and keep me inside during the middle of the day, I'm still getting tan. I must take after my daddy and not my mommy!

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Grandma H said...

Yes, you do look extra grownup in that picture. I'm glad you got some of your daddy's tanning genes. (Those are different than blue jeans.) I'm so excited that the blog is working again!!

Grandma H