The Good News and the Bad News

OK, I'll start with the bad news first. I have a cold. That's why you haven't seen any cute pictures of me lately-I'm not very cute when snot is dripping out of my nose. It's yucky.

Daddy says I caught my cold from him, and he's so sorry. I don't remember catching it, though. I remember him playing catch with me and the football, and I tried to catch that. I just don't remember playing catch with a cold. Maybe it's not the same thing.

Here's the good news: I might get to be as tall as Uncle Todd, just like I've been planning to do. Grandma was looking at Uncle Todd's baby book and found the part about his 9-month checkup. When he was nine months old, Uncle Todd was four pounds heavier than me, but guess what! He was more than an inch shorter!

Uncle Todd is my tallest relative, and it's hard to imagine he was ever as little as me. And it's really, really hard to imagine that I might be as tall as him someday. But, I'm sure going to try my hardest!

First, I need to get rid of this cold. Maybe I can throw it to Mommy.

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