Learning to Obey

Today, it happened. (And Mommy would say, "It finally happened.") I was crawling over to the outlets in the wall because I wanted to touch the really cool covers Mommy put on them. I love those covers, but Mommy always says, "Jonathan, no, don't touch." This time, I turned around when she said my name, and I didn't touch the outlet covers - even though I really wanted to. Mommy got pretty excited about that and told me I had obeyed her. Now I know what obeying is!

I tried to go over and touch the outlet covers a couple of other times to see what Mommy would do. She still said, "Jonathan, no, don't touch." And I obeyed her. Up until today, I had been listening to her, but she didn't know it.

Tomorrow, I'll try it again and see if she still tells me "No." I might obey her again to see if it still make her excited...or I might just think about it.

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