My 9-month checkup

Guess what-I'll be nine months old tomorrow! That meant a visit to the doctor with Mommy and Daddy today. The nurse measured me, and the doctor looked at all of my parts. I gained some weight, so now I weigh 20 lbs., 4 oz. That makes me very average for a nine-month old. I got taller, too! I'm 31 1/2" tall, which makes me one of the tallest kids my age. I'm working hard to be as tall as Uncle Todd someday. The doctor wanted me to be interested in pulling up on things, or sitting myself up, but I'm just not! I really would rather crawl around. He said he'd see me in a month if I wasn't pulling up by then. Mommy and Daddy think they'll help me to figure this stuff out. We'll see about that!


Graham said...

I'm glad your doctor's visit went well. Did you have to get any shots? Ugh! I don't like those! I go to the doctor in about a week. My mommy is wondering is I'm gaining enough weight. I think our mommies need to not worry so much. We're doing fine!
Catch you later, buddy!

Emma Claire said...

We think you're perfect Jonathan! Who care what those doctors say. You like all of the exciting things you can explore and touch on the floor. We're so glad you're happy and healthy!!
Caroline & Emma Claire