Back from another trip...

I thought I should let you know that we're back from our big trip to see Uncle Todd marry Aunt Corinne. This was my first wedding, and I learned a lot-and I think Mommy and Daddy did, too.

I learned that time zones can be very confusing. I didn't know what time it was, and I couldn't figure out when to wake up. So, I just tried lots of times during the night to see if that was the right time to wake up. Mommy and Daddy had a hard time convincing me to go back to sleep.

I also learned that there are some new things that I like. I like lemons, and I like pasta, and I like to stick my tongue out at people. (Good thing they think I'm cute!) I also like dancing with Mommy and Daddy. Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne had lots of fun music for us to dance to at their wedding.

We took lots of pictures and saw lots and lots of family and friends who love me, so Mommy's going to help me put some pictures up for you soon. Right now, I'm trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed while we were riding on big planes. I slept until almost 9 this morning, but I'm not quite caught up yet. It's good to be home in my own bed!

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