A big day for me!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be a really special day. The first, and most important reason, is that my aunt Anna is at the hospital having my newest little buddy. I really hope it's a brother for Sam, but Mommy (and Aunt Anna and Uncle Brian) think it's a girl. Soon we'll know! I'll still love my new buddy even if it's a she and not a he.

The other reason is that I might get my first haircut tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy say that my cute baby hair is growing into a mullett. I guess they don't want me to have one of those! Daddy talks about getting out the flowbee (which we don't really have) and Mommy says it's not funny. Mommy hopes that less people will mistake me for a girl if I get my hair cut, but she still doesn't really want to do it. I think she's afraid I'll turn into a little boy and stop being a baby after my hair gets cut. This is all new to me. Maybe when I get my hair cut, I'll learn what mulletts and flowbees are. I bet I'll look cuter than ever!

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Anonymous said...

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