Lowering My Mattress

If you've checked Emma Claire's blog lately, you'll see that she has inspired Mommy and Daddy. You see, Emma Claire has been pulling up in her crib. (She's pretty smart, huh?) Most of my little buddies are doing that, but I don't care much about it. Anyway, Mommy realized that one of these days, when I decide to pull up in my crib, the rail only goes up to my hips. She thought I might pull up and then decide to dive out...how did she know that?

This picture is of Daddy trying to show you how tall I am compared to my crib. I didn't like taking it, because I thought he was trying to put me to bed without a story and a song, and that's not fun at all.

After the picture, Mommy and Daddy lowered my mattress to the "big boy" level, which is the lowest level. It makes me feel little because I'm so low down in my crib now, but they say it's for big boys. Do you think they might be a little confused?

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