Learning to Read

Today has been a big day. I took some fabulous naps for Mommy, but then I woke up from my afternoon one and couldn't stop crying. I cried no matter what Mommy did: she fed me, changed me, burped me, and I still kept crying. She was worried that something big was wrong with me, since I don't usually cry much, but the truth is, I just got started and couldn't stop. When it was time to play, I finally stopped.

But here's the reason it was a big day: I turned the pages on my storybook all by myself. Mommy was reading me a story, and I turned the pages for her. I've been watching her and Daddy do it so much that I figured out how to do it myself. It made Mommy cry, which I just don't understand. She told me I did a good job and that she was proud of me, and her voice sounded happy. So, why were there tears coming out of her eyes? Mommies are hard to figure out sometimes.

I guess this means that someday I'll learn to read the storybook to myself, too. That will be pretty fun, but I hope Daddy and Mommy will still hold me in their laps while I read to them.

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Jamey and Norah said...

That's really cool, Jonathan! I cannot wait until I know how to read, too!