Road Trip

This is a surprise to you, and it was to me, too. Mommy and Daddy and I took a long trip in the car and got home yesterday. We needed to drive to say goodbye to one of Daddy's great uncles. That was sad, but the happy part is that he gets to be with Jesus now. That sounds like a good deal to me!

We had a lot of adventures on our trip. My favorite one was that I got to try pieces of a fruit called "peaches" that had just been picked off of a tree. A messier adventure was having a dirty diaper changed on a gravel road way out in the country. I had secretly wiped the contents of my diaper all over my leg, face, and car seat before Mommy and Daddy even knew I was dirty. I'm pretty sneaky sometimes!

I got to see some grandparents and other fun people on my trip, so I'm glad we got to go. But, I'm even more glad that we're home now, because I get to crawl around instead of being strapped into my car seat!

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