18-month checkup

Since I am going to be 18 months old tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy took me in to the doctor today so that the doctor could look at all of my parts. I was so happy that Daddy came, because he let me explore the exam room and play with the doctor's toys. Mommy thinks they are yucky and is afraid that I will get sick from all the germs at the doctor's office. I had a great time playing with those "yucky" toys!

Anyway, the nurse weighed me on the grownup scale, and with all my clothes on, I weigh 32 lbs., but I weigh 30 lbs. on the baby scale when I'm naked. And, I'm 34 3/4" tall. I guess my growth is slowing down, because during my first year, I grew nine inches, but this year, I've only grown 2 3/4 inches. My weight is catching up with my height, though. I'm above the 95th percentile in height, and just below the 95th percentile in weight. I'm not a skinny guy anymore! The doctor and Mommy and Daddy are happy with how I'm developing. The doctor says that the terrible twos start at 18 mos. and gave lots of discipline advice. We'll see whether it works on me! I'm thinking of lots of ways to keep my mom and dad on their toes starting tomorrow, when I'll be 18 months old.

Remember how I was glad Daddy was with us? Well, I started to be not so glad, because he asked the doctor if it was time to get me to stop sucking my fingers. How could he say such a thing?! Thank goodness, the doctor said not to worry about it. (And nobody mentioned the important fingers on my other hand that I need to rub my neck.)

After all, I only need my "tired fingers" in my bed, in the car...

and in the doctor's office.

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Ava said...

Hi Jonathan,
You are such a big boy and very handsome too! I hope we can hang out or walk sometime soon.
Love, Ava