Swimming Again!

Tonight, Caleb and I went swimming again. This time, we brought our home fellowship group with us. We even got to stay up past our bedtimes.

Since Daddy was with us, I got to go down the big slides with him lots of times. I loved it and kept asking for more! When I went down with Mommy, we lost our balance and we both went underwater. But I came back up and signed, "More!" I love the big slides.

Wheeee!!! I laughed all the way down the slide.

Splash! More, Daddy, more!

I didn't like the giant mushroom waterfall quite as much as I liked the slides.

Time to go home and go to bed!


Jamey and Norah said...

Wow! That look so fun--almost as fun as watching trains!

Love, Jamey

PS: Aren't dads just the best playmates?

Jamey and Norah said...

Yes, I know I should have put an "s" on "look"...It's just taht I forgot...

Love, Jamey

Jamey and Norah said...

I think I'm going to go to bed now, cause I spelt "that" wrong in my correction comment.

Sleep tight!

Love, Jamey

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! About the time Jamey learns to spell, you'll be ready for Splash Mountain in Disneyland. Maybe you can take me there someday.

Love, Grandma H.

Emma Claire said...

I'm so impressed with you, Jonathan!! Looks like you had a lot of fun.
Emma Claire