The family wall

Now that our living room is painted, we have completed the collection of pictures on our family wall. The middle picture is of Mommy and Daddy at their wedding reception. They look so young, don't they? The picture on the left is of our family, but you can't see my face because I'm hiding in Mommy's big tummy. Then, the picture on the right is the happiest one of all, because Mommy and Daddy and I are together and have been together for a whole year. (It was taken on my first birthday.) Now our picture collection is complete, don't you think?

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Jamey and Norah said...


I hate to break it to you, but think you are missing a picture. I think you need a picture on your wall of you with a PUPPY!!! Then your family would be complete. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today.

Love, Jamey