Visiting Paul

This weekend, we took a driving trip to see my little buddy, Paul. He used to live so far away that we had to ride an airplane to see him, but now he lives close enough (with his mom and dad) that we can visit him in the car. Mommy and Daddy and I are really happy about that.

Here are some pictures of our visit. We slept at Paul's house and even got to swim in his neighborhood pool! Thanks for sharing your toys with me, Paul!

Here I am in my new swim shirt and trunks getting ready to walk to the pool. I look so concerned because Paul is crying in the other room. Paul did not want to wear his swim shirt and trunks.

I LOVED the pool. Paul let me ride in his boat, and I had a great time. There are no pictures at the pool because Mommy said she had to keep track of me and not the camera. I did a great job keeping track of myself, so I'm not sure what she was so worried about.

(Also, Paul has great doorknobs like this all over his house, just like the ones at Emma Claire's house, and I can work every single one. I only know how to work three of the doorknobs at our house.)

After our swim in the big neighborhood pool, we went back home to Paul's house and took a swim in his little pool in the bathroom. Or, maybe it was just a really big tub. I'm not sure. Anyway, we pretty cute, don't we? We kept the mommies and daddies entertained.

Paul is almost one year old, so he thinks I'm a big guy since I'm almost one and a half. As you can see, I like being admired.

"You wash my back, and I'll wash yours."

Oh no, time to get out already?

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Emma Claire said...

Such cute pictures! Love the ones in the bathtub.