A Great Birthday

I had a great birthday yesterday! I am so excited about being four. I keep asking Mommy if I'm going to be four for a long time. She says I get to be four for 365 days!!!  It's amazing how much I've changed in a year.  I'm taller and my vocabulary has exploded.  I can do most of the job of dressing myself without help, although I'm not motivated to do it very fast.  Last year on my birthday, I still drooled a little bit, and I was getting ready to potty train.  This year, those things are ancient history.  It's been a great year being three, but I think being four is even better.  Special thanks to all the family and friends who thought of me on my birthday!

When Mommy and Daddy got me up in the morning, they sang the birthday song to me and brought me downstairs for gifts.

I got a real sleeping bag, just like Daddy's, for my birthday!  I had to spend a lot of time snuggled up in it yesterday.  It's junior-sized, with room to grow.  It will keep me really warm the next time we go camping.  I can still use my Lightning McQueen bag at home.  Thanks to Graham's family for giving Daddy the idea for the sleeping bag.

One great thing about being four is getting my first little set of teensy-tinsy Legos.  This little set made a little fire truck and little fire station.  I told Mommy and Daddy that these Legos are "really complicated."  I also decided that my set of Lego Quatros, which I now call "crazy huge," will be good to put away and save for the baby's first birthday.  And these tiny Legos can only go in my room, not the playroom.  Daddy chose this set, too.  He's getting really good at choosing gifts.

Daddy did most of the building, but I customized the truck and station a little bit.

Here we are snuggling in our sleeping bags, which was one of my favorite things to do on my birthday.  On Saturday, we're going to have a small, low-key birthday party for me.  That's when I get my wish that I have been wishing for for months and months:  pumpkin pie.  I've been asking for pumpkin pie since last summer, and I can't wait!

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Grandma H said...

Jonathan - the package you are opening doesn't look like it has Legos or a sleeping bag in it. Are you holding back?