Who Knew?

Mommy, Daddy, and I went to a Christmas dinner together a couple of weeks ago.  The kids got a little bag of goodies to help us stay busy.  I decided that I wanted to write some names with Mommy.  We started with my name, and Mommy made a J.  She figured I'd copy her J, but I kept going and wrote an O.  She didn't know it...but I knew how to help her write my name.

All the letters that are in black are letters (and shapes) that I wrote.  Some of the letters in Grandpa made me nervous, so Mommy did those for me.

Mommy was so excited that I had learned how to do some letters on my own.  She wasn't going to work on writing with me until after the New Year, so I had to show her that I'm ready now.


The VM Family said...

Wow, way to go Jonathan! N's are hard too!!

rissaroe said...

Wow- great job, Jonathan!!