Now I'm Four!

These are ALL the pictures I had taken for my fourth birthday.  (And, today is my REAL birthday!)  Mommy chose her three favorite pictures to share with my relatives this Christmas.  Can you guess which ones she chose?  I'll give you a hint:  It wasn't the ones with my teeth clenched, which I consider my best smile.  Oh, well.  I hope you enjoy my pictures anyway!


Gabriel and Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! We love your birthday pictures.
Love, Gabe, Dorothy, and Liam

Ava said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

We hope your day is so special!

You are loved!
Love, Ava & Jane

The VM Family said...

How in the world DID you choose? I think each of these photos is stellar!

Caleb and Owen said...

Happy 4th Birthday! Is it so fun being four? I can't wait to be four soon. Any good tips for me while I wait? Enjoy being so big and getting to do big boy things.