Why I Was Tired

We had quite the weekend! My mom goofed up the order of our pictures on this post, but she's not going to fix them. So, I'll just have to tell you about each picture as it comes.

Here I am, all packed up to leave our hotel.  Look what a good helper I am.  I'm wearing my backpack and carrying my tractors and lion.

Daddy ran a marathon this weekend!  That's why we made a big trip.  Here he is with his running buddies.  Daddy doesn't look too tired, does he?  He felt pretty good afterwards, he said!

We do have a beautiful capitol building, don't we?

Here's my dad.  He finished with his best time ever and shaved more than 16 minutes off of his previous best time.  Mommy and I are so proud of him.

Here I am, all snuggled into my sleeping bag and stroller so I don't feel cold.  Mommy thinks I'm getting a bit heavy for the stroller, but with all the uphill walking we had to do to watch Daddy, how else would I have gotten there?

Daddy is not in the picture, but we took it so you could get a flavor for the day.  It was chilly and foggy.

There goes Daddy!  This is the only action shot we could get of him running his marathon.

This is the perfect spot for a little gecko like me to sleep.  (I'm still a gecko.)  Our hotel room had an empty closet, and I barely fit inside.  I wanted to snuggle in and make it my gecko cave, and I can't believe Mommy and Daddy let me.  It was a great place to sleep.

Here's how we started our trip.  We went to a wonderful train museum that even has train tables.  And, get this, little buddies:  we got an annual pass that lets us come back whenever we want AND bring two other grownups AND bring as many kids under 7 as we want.  So, do you want to come back to the train museum with me soon?

Sorry for the silly order of our pictures.  We had a great family weekend with less sleep than I'm used to.  That's why I slept in the car yesterday!


rissaroe said...

What a great trip! Congrats to Jeff on the marathon!

The VM Family said...

Jonathan: Glad you had such a fantastic trip and Happy Birthday!

Jeff: Congrats on a record-setting run!

Amy: The upload multiple pictures has been reversing the order of my pictures too! Grrr...