How I've Grown

Mommy and I went to a new pediatrician today for two reasons:  partly because she was curious about how big I am and partly because we'll need a pediatrician when the baby comes.  (I was pretty nice to help her try one out, wasn't I?)  I haven't been to a medical doctor since last year, which was also because Mommy was curious about how big I was.  We know that we can be very thankful since I don't need to go to the medical doctor much, and we truly are thankful.

We liked the pediatrician and will stick with him when the baby comes.  He was really nice and didn't give Mommy a hard time, which she liked.  He will come see our baby in the hospital after it is born, and also do the circumcision if the baby is a boy.  The doctor looked at all my parts, which made me a little nervous except for the tummy part, which tickled.

So, here's what we wanted to know:  I weighed 43 lbs. and I'm 42 inches tall.  I'm in the 97th percentile for height and weight.  So, I'm a big boy, but not off the charts at this point, which is nice.  I have grown three inches and gained five pounds since last year.

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