Crummy croup

Happy 11-month birthday to me...sort of. It's not very happy right now because I have croup. Ick. There are tears coming out of my eyes and snot coming out of my nose and coughing-lots of coughing-coming out of my mouth. It's no fun at all. Mommy usually does a big photo shoot of me on the 10th of every month, and I thought it might be fun to escape that for once, but I was wrong. I'd much rather take a million pictures than have croup. And, to make matters worse, I can't visit any of my little buddies right now because I might give them my cough. I don't want to do that, but I'm kind of lonely.

Here is a picture of me in the one place I'm happy today: the tub. Maybe I'll take lots of baths today instead of doing the other playtime things that I usually do. Playing anywhere else is just not very fun today.

I'll just try to look forward to my next month-birthday, which will be my one-year birthday. Then I'll get to learn what cake is and rip paper and play with boxes. I'll be a big boy! Hopefully I won't still be coughing...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are sick, Jonathan! Being sick is no fun! Hope you're feeling better soon so you can play lots and lots!

Elise :)

Anonymous said...

Bummer that you're sick, buddy.
I hope to meet you soon!
Nathan D.

Emma Claire said...

We hope you feel better Jonathan!! Even though you're sick, you still look really cute in your pictures. We hope to play with you soon.
Emma Claire

Jamey and Norah said...


I'm very sad you are sick. I'm still waiting to meet you. Until you're better--or until our moms get over germs--we'll just have to look at pictures of each other. Thank goodness for blogs! Whatever did people do in the "old days"?