I have my own agenda

You might remember that back at my nine-month checkup, the doctor was worried because I hadn't pulled myself up to standing yet. (In fact, I wasn't even interested.) He wanted Mommy and Daddy to bring me back in at ten months if I still wasn't pulling up. Well, of course, Mommy got really worried and talked to lots of people and read lots of baby books and websites, because that's what Mommy does, and Daddy didn't worry about it much, because that's what Daddy does. You might also remember that at my ten-month photo shoot, I was standing at the couch playing with the remote control. (Ahhh...still a dream come true!) But, you know that I didn't put myself there. Anyway, here's a picture of what I was doing in my room tonight while I had both my parents' full attention:

This wagon is the perfect place to stand up and play-when I want to. What nobody thought of (but me) is that I am the firstborn, and I have my own agenda. I'm not going to do things just because of a baby book or a doctor-I'll do them when and how I want to. And, now is when I want to pull up! The funny thing is, both Mommy and Daddy are firstborns, too, so you'd think they would have realized this. Anyway, with all the firstborns in our own house, there's probably going to be a lot of conflict in my life about whose agenda goes around here. (Luckily I'm cute enough to be pretty convincing.)

You might be wondering how my croup is doing. I'm feeling a little better-I'm not coughing as much, and I'm jabbering almost as much as usual, but I'm still pretty snotty and need a lot of sleep. I'll do my best to get all the way better, and I'll tell you when that happens.


Jamey and Norah said...


We're all firstborns in my family, too! Good thing we have each other; we'll have to compare notes when we get older!

I'm glad you're getting better. And congratulations on "pulling up"! When I get bigger, will you teach me how to do it, too?

Love, Jamey

Graham said...

Jonny Man,
Way to go on pulling up! I can't wait to do that myself. I'm glad you are feeling better, too.