A new trick

I had an exciting day today for two reasons. The first reason is one that Mommy and Daddy would rather forget. I'll leave out the details, but I will tell you that the next time Mommy and Daddy and I go out for Mexican food, they're not going to share the beans with me. That makes me really sad because I just loved the rice and beans I ate last night. Maybe if I wait long enough, Mommy and Daddy will forget about the diaper they changed today, and they'll share their beans with me again.

But here's the really exciting thing that happened today: I waved bye-bye for the very first time. I'm learning all kinds of things I can do with my hands these days! I can sign "more" (sometimes,) I can clap my hands (sometimes,) and I can wave bye-bye (sometimes.) I wonder what my hands will learn next?

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