Last new buddy for awhile

Here's the post you've been waiting for: news of my last new buddy to be born for awhile. His name is Spike, and he was born on Tuesday, and he weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz. Mommy and Daddy and I can't wait to meet him. (Mommy says that when all of us are old enough to go to school, all of the little boys are going to wish they had names as cool as Spike!) All six of my recently-born buddies- Nathan, Maximus, Katherine, Jamey, Olivier, and Spike, were "due" within one month, but it actually took about two months between Nathan, who was first, and Spike, who was last. (I don't know what "due" really means because we come whenever we're ready!) I'm so thankful that God made lots of babies around my age so I'll have lots of friends to play with as I grow, and that they all made it here safely!

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