First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I just had my very first one. Mommy and Daddy and I drove a long, long way (and saw Graham in the middle) so that we could see my grandma and grandpa and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jamie. I really liked seeing my relatives, but there were lots of other strange people I didn't know, and I got kind of scared. Mommy and Daddy call it "separation anxiety." I say, I'm hanging onto Mommy and Daddy, and I need my personal space!

Lots of things happened on this trip. I learned to point, to wave "hi" to Daddy, and even to "cruise" a tiny bit. (That means I can take steps while I hold onto something.) I think my favorite thing I learned to do was to stand up in my pack-n-play. That's where I did all my sleeping on this trip. I also learned how to take off my overalls. The funny thing is, I learned how to stand up AND how to take off my overalls during the very same naptime, so it took me a long, long time to fall asleep. I was really too busy to think about how tired I first.

Mommy and Daddy say that Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for what he gives to us, so I'll tell you what I'm most thankful for: cats. I met lots of cats this weekend at different people's houses, and I just love them...almost as much as dogs. My favorite thing about a cat is touching its nose. So, thank you, God, for cats!

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