Learning the Language

The last couple of days have been pretty amazing. I've told you before how I have parents who, unfortunately, don't speak baby. And of course, I don't speak much "parent" yet, either! But, we are all making progress.

Mommy has been trying to teach me to show her with my hands when I want to eat or drink or when I'm all done. I haven't done much of that signing stuff, but she is really getting the hang of figuring out my noises and gestures. She's getting a lot quicker at giving me what I want at mealtimes. It makes them a lot more enjoyable for me!

I've been getting better at understanding what Mommy and Daddy are saying. When they say, "Jonathan, where is the ball?" I can go get the ball. And-Mommy and I did this one to show off for Daddy tonight-when Mommy says, "Jonathan, where are your toes?" I touch my toes to show where they are. Daddy and Mommy both got pretty excited about that one.

Even though we are all making a lot of progress, there is still so much to learn...and so much to teach Mommy and Daddy. I bet we will spend our whole lives learning to understand each other.

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