Feeling right at home

I have some funny things to tell you about this morning. The first one is a new discovery: I can crawl under my glider in my room to get back in the corner where Mommy doesn't want me to go. She has a really neat lamp and some even more interesting electrical cords back there, and now I know how to get to them! Mommy says that this keeps her life exciting. I think she's trying to figure out how to block me from getting back there, but until she figures out how, it's fun making her chase me!

The second one is that the people at the photo counter know us. Mommy and I went to pick up some pictures at the store this morning (and they weren't even pictures of me!) and the lady behind the counter handed them to us before Mommy even said our last name. They know us! That means Mommy and Daddy and I are right at home here. We like having people know who we are.

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