I have a new friend named Boz the Bear. He has eyes and a nose and ears. I love Boz! He has movies that you can watch on TV and books to read, but as you probably already guessed, I am pretty much just reading the books. That's OK - Boz is great for hugs!


Jamey and Norah said...


Hey, I have a tv at my house. And when my Mommy isn't looking, I turn it on and change the channels. Come over sometime and we'll find Boz on my television. But don't tell the mommies! Shhh...

Love, Jamey

Graham said...

I like to give my stuffed animals hugs, too. My mommy said she likes these pictures of you sharing hugs. She said you looks so sweet and cute.

I still call my mommy Mama. I'll have to work on saying "Mommy".