Update on the Grandpas

You might be wondering how my grandpa and great grandpa are doing, so I'll give you an update. (This is my mommy's daddy and his daddy. Confusing, huh?) My great grandpa is having a bad case of gout that hurts him a lot. He is out of the regular hospital and into a rehabilitation hospital. My grandpa has adenocarcinoma (cancer) in his small intestine. The surgeon took out five feet of his small intestine, and now Grandpa is working on feeling better after the surgery. I don't understand most of this stuff-I just want everybody to be feeling good enough to play with me! Be sure to keep praying for the grandpas!

[If you wondering how Mommy's doing about fixing the teeth holes in my crib, well...I've just about given up on her. She doesn't feel sorry at all about it, and my crying doesn't seem to be helping. I'll have to figure out something else!]

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