Together Again!

Mommy is home! She made it home tonight in time for me to have dinner with her and have her put me to bed. Usually, I like her to read Daddy and Me by Karen Katz, but while she was gone, my favorite switched to Where is Baby's Mommy? by the same author. Emma Claire loves Karen Katz, too. Speaking of Emma Claire, she's one of the little buddies I got to see while Mommy was gone. The others were Ava and Jamey, and I even made an appearance on Jamey's blog.

I'm sure you know I had a GREAT time with Daddy, and that I was worried about Mommy. Well, she had a GREAT time, too. She missed us a lot but had a great trip. I'm just glad we're all back together again.


Emma Claire said...

So glad you're back. Emma Claire had a fun time with Jonathan. See you this week.

Meredith said...

Can't imagine what it would be like for my mom to go. Daddies are great, don't get me wrong, but mommies are the best.