Mommies and Coffee

Today, Mommy and I went over to Ava's house so that I could play with Ava and Jamey, and the mommies could have coffee. Now, if you know my mommy, you know that she doesn't like coffee, so I'm not sure why she wanted to go "have coffee" with her friends. But, I'm not going to worry about it, since she let me play with my little buddies! We had a great time! Ava and Jamey had to take naps partway through playtime, but I got to stay awake since I'm big. Thanks, "Aaah-vaaah," for having us over!

Here is Ava. Daddy calls her my girlfriend. Mommy thinks she has the cutest little mouth.

Umm, Jamey, that's for hearing, not eating...

"Hello? Jamey?"

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