I am having some trouble sleeping. Maybe you can talk to my mommy about it!

For the past couple of days, each time I've woken up, I've gotten VERY upset because I discover that someone has put teeth marks in my crib. I love my crib, and I don't know why someone would bite it! It's very sad. So, I start crying for my poor crib.

Mommy has not been very sympathetic. She says that I put those teeth marks there when I was a baby, and that it's OK that they are there. It's not OK! I'm going to keep crying about this until she helps me. Last night, I kept it up for a long time until I got too sleepy to keep reminding her that my poor crib has teeth holes in it.

At least Mommy let me sleep with my monkey last night. Here's a picture of us sleeping.

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Jamey and Norah said...


Sorry about the crib. You'd better not look at mine, cause my crib has lots of teethmarks, too.

My Mom wants to know how your mom gets so many pictures of you when you're asleep. Please have your mom talk to my Mom, so Mommy will quit talking to me about it.

I hope you get to sleep with your monkey again tonight.

Love, Jamey