Haircut #6 . . . I Think!

I got my hair cut again today. Mommy and Daddy were ready with crackers and remembered to ask the haircutter not to put the scary cape on me. And then, something wonderful happened. The haircutter shared his toys with me! I was so excited that I said, "Please," handed my cracker to him, and started playing with his toys.

The haircutter's toys were great! There was a box that opened and closed and was full of little cars, and THEN, he brought out a CAR that opened and closed! Oooohhh, it was a wonderful haircut. I didn't want anything to do with my favorite crackers.

Here is the haircutter vacuuming the hair off of me. I did such a good job that he gave me his car to keep! Thank you for the car, Mr. Haircutter!

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