Last Day of Summer

(Or, "The Longest Blog Entry Ever")

Today was the last day of summer here-not because of the weather (which is still hot) but because today is the last day the pool will be open in our town. Half an hour before the pool's closing, Daddy decided that we should go down the slide for the last time this summer. The idea came from Emma Claire's parents. Daddy is very spontaneous. That means that he decides things at the last minute. It's something that Mommy loves about him, but she says that it's trickier to be spontaneous with a kiddo around. I don't think she's right-I got ready to go to the pool really fast!

Hi, everyone, let's swim!

We saw a lot of our friends swimming at the pool. Here we are talking to our good friends, Emma Claire and her daddy. You know, of course, that grownups always have to talk for awhile before they let kids play. Emma Claire and I don't mind.

Wahoo, we're sliding and racing with Emma Claire!

Where is Emma Claire? Oh, here she comes!

Isn't she beautiful?

Here we are taking our daddies down the slides again.


Here we are racing again...where's Emma Claire?

Oh, good, she made it!

We love sliding! (But not posing for the camera.)

Come on, Emma Claire, let's go again!

Another race...where's Emma Claire?

Here she is again. (Daddy and I have a secret method to winning the race every time, but we're not giving up the secret. We like winning too much.)

Come on, Daddy, let's go!

Here we are swimming in the big pool with the daddies. The mommies didn't get in this time because they didn't think it was worth the trouble for just half an hour. They really missed out!

Daddy and I were the last ones out of the pool except for the lifeguard. Goodbye, pool! See you next summer!

After we came home from the pool, we changed our clothes to go hear some music. Ohhhhh, how I loved the music. I loved it so much that I stayed still to listen and watch. There were lots and lots of people there, and we saw all of our friends who hadn't been at the pool and talked to them.

Here I am enjoying the music with Mommy (above) and Daddy (below.) Each time the music stopped, I said, "PLEASE!" and "More!"

Thanks for a great last day of summer, Mommy and Daddy!


Zach & Katie said...

Hi Jonathan!

It looks like you had such a fun day! I wish I could have been there to play with you for the last day of summer. I bet you would have beat me and my Daddy on the slide too, we've never been on a slide like that and you have lots of practice!

Give Emma Claire a big hug from me next time you see her!

I love you buddies!

Grandma H said...

Wow, what a great way to finish the pool season. I was kind of sad when it was over, and I wasn't even there. I think we'll be able to find a place for you to swim while you are visiting here, too.

Grandma H

Graham said...

Looks like you had a great last day of summer. Wow, that slide looks so fun! I've never been down a slide that goes into a pool. In fact, I've never put my head completely under water. Is it scary? I like having water poured over my head so I think I might like it. Maybe next summer, I can get my parents to bring me to visit you and we can go to the pool. I like to swim but I am ready to get out in about 20 minutes. Mommy and Daddy try to make me stay in longer though.

Emma Claire said...

Great pictures on the blog!! You gave a great narrative. It was so fun.
Thanks for joining us.