Moms and Tots

Remember how I was going to show you some pictures from Moms and Tots today? Well, Mommy decided that there were too many to put on the blog. She has a special online album that she can share with you. If you want them, leave a comment here and she'll send you the link to the album.

Tomorrow, I'm going to spend the afternoon with Jamey, Ava, Spike, and some other friends, and I'll try to get Mommy to show you those pictures, but for real this time.


Caleb said...

Jonathan - please let your mommy know that my mommy would love to see your photos.

Thanks - Caleb

Grandma H said...

Jonathan - I know you and your mommy are very busy, but please put me on the list for viewing those pictures, OK?

I love you!
Gma H

Graham said...

I would like to see the album.