Remember When

This is a picture of me a year ago. Jamey's mom took it. Jamey is about to turn one, so his mommy is reminiscing. Mommies do that when their babies turn one, so there are a lot of mommies reminiscing this month! My mommy looks at this picture and thinks that I look really skinny in those big overalls. But I look at this picture and wonder if I'll be allowed to roll around on the floor and bond with Norah again soon!

Anyway, about all the reminiscing. My little buddies who were born last year at this time are about to have birthdays! So, happy birthday already to Nathan and Maximus, and happy birthday really soon to Katherine, Jamey, Olivier, and Spike.

And, did I mention that my daddy is back from his trip? Now I can actually say the word "Mommy" again since I am not so busy saying "Daddy Daddy Daddy" all day long! I missed you, Daddy!

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