My New Words

I am having a lot of fun with my new skill of talking. I wonder if I'll ever learn all the words there are! I thought I'd tell you some of my favorite new ones. "Tah-tee-ya" (tortilla) is still my favorite, but here are some more. Mommy thinks she'll need to explain what some of them are, but you can skip her explaining part. These words will also give you an idea of how I spend my time each day.

  • "gitgit" (get it)
  • "biteback" (right back)
  • "notnow"
  • "havah" (have it)
  • "pie" (up high)
  • "kokah" (phone call)
  • "meeee" (with me)
  • kackhoe (backhoe)

    My very newest word that gets a lot of attention from Mommy is "doublewee" (as in, the letter W.) Enough blogging...I need to go practice some more talking!

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rissaroe said...


My mommy just created this blogger account (whatever that means) so that we can comment on your site, too! That's pretty funny that Jamey and I are getting latches on the same day. Thanfully, my mom says she's only going to latch the cabinets under the sink for now.

By the way, nice work on the new words!