New Blogger Buddies

You might notice that I have a new blog on my list of friends over to the right. Mommy's college roommate and dear friend, Ms. Krista, has started a blog for her kids: Caleb, Katie, and Daniel. (Their daddy, Mr. Chad, helped.) We're excited that we can see their pictures because we have to go long, long times between our visits. If you want to see some pictures of the mommies and kids on our last visit, click here, and if you want to see me with Caleb and Katie, you can click here. You might also notice that I'm very small in these pictures, and that there's no Daniel. Daniel was just born a couple of months ago and we haven't met him yet!

Anyway, enjoy the new pictures from Ms. Krista and Mr. Chad. I'll post some of my own soon!

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