A Visit with Graham (and a Very Long Post)

I'm back from visiting Graham!

Graham's daddy and mommy were friends with my mommy and daddy before Graham and I came on the scene. The daddies went to grad school while the mommies were school teachers, and in their spare time, they all had a lot of fun together. If Blogger works this week, maybe I can get Mommy to show you pictures of the things they did a long time ago. Anyway, Graham and I are happy that they're still such good friends so that we can be friends, too.

I have a few more pictures to share about the beginning of our times together, but we're having problems with Blogger, so I'll try to post them tomorrow. For now, you can see the middle and end of our visit.

Here we are with Graham's mommy, Aunt Jo.

Here I am tasting Graham's raisins. I LOVE raisins!

Here we are: Graham with his mommy and daddy, and me with mine.

Do you like my walking stick?

Graham and I got to run around in the park together.

I love my mommy. And, she taught me to say "RV!"

Uncle Tim helped me to fly!

Graham and I love our daddies!

Buddies have to stick together.

I guess little buddies need to take baths together, too.

We got to run around some more...and touch those Hummers!

Here I am with my two favorite people. I am actually whining in this picture because I want to keep going. Mommy and Daddy are still not impressed with my whining abilities, but I'll keep working on that.

Graham and I practiced our stepping together.

And we also practiced driving. I have a sneaking suspicion that Graham gets to drive more often than I do!

A goodbye hug from Graham with Daddy holding me.

Now that I'm home, my grandpa is here to play with me. I'll show you pictures of that adventure soon.

Whew! Thanks for a great time, Graham, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Jo! Good night!

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Graham said...

I sure am glad our parents decided to plan the weekend together. It was so much fun playing with you and going hiking with our mommies and daddies. Let's do it again soon.