Happy Birthday, Uncle Todd!

I usually don't blog much about grownup birthdays, but I'm going to make one exception because tonight I got to go to Uncle Todd's 30th birthday party. (The last time I was at a 3oth birthday party I was two days old, and the party was in Mommy's hospital room. I didn't have a blog then! Next time I go to a 30th birthday party, I'll blog about it.) Here I am with Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne. Aunt Corinne gave Uncle Todd a great party. Lots of people that I love were there and kept me entertained.

Here I am with Aunt Amanda. She gave me this great "Mom" shirt that everyone, including my mom, thinks is great.

Can you believe that this was Uncle Todd's cake? It looked just like his truck, Earl. Maybe Mommy will take this as a hint of what I want for a cake on my 3rd birthday.

Uncle Todd let me taste his truck cake frosting. You can see why we get along so well. Trucks and frosting, what could be better? Happy 30th birthday, Uncle Todd!

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