My Big Buddy, Paul

Today, we had a visit from another one of Mommy's friends. We are thankful to have some of her old friends within driving distance now! This friend was Ms. Sarah and her son Paul, who is a big boy-almost 4! Mommy and Ms. Sarah met as camp counselors when Mommy was 15. They have been friends ever since. Later, Mommy and Ms. Sarah and Ms. Kathy (Isaac's mommy) all worked on staff at camp together when Mommy was 21. That means that they got paid to love kids all summer. Sounds like a great deal to me! They are all married with little boys now and visit when they can. Click here for a picture of all of us in December 2005.

Here we are having lunch. Paul brought plums to share with me, and they were delicious.

We built train tracks together.

We played in my playhouse together.

Here we are swinging together. Thanks for visiting, Paul!

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