I'm Fine!

The doctor just called to let my mom know that my brain is just fine. My face is flat on the left side because I have liked to sleep on it since I was old enough to decide to sleep on my tummy. It's called plagiocephaly. But, it affects my looks and nothing else, and as I've said before, my mom and dad still think I'm cute. This is what we thought all along. (Not that I'm cute-but that the asymmetry of my face was from sleeping on it.)

Thanks to everybody who prayed for me and encouraged my mom and dad in so many ways! We love you!


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

YIPPEE!!! We were praying everything was fine. Plus, truth be told, I'm glad you slept that way cause it makes for super-duper, extra-cute facial expressions! We wouldn't have you any other way!!! :-)

Love, Jamey

Caleb said...

Yeah!!! We are so happy to hear the good news. Praise God - but who knew sleeping on your tummy could make you have to have a CT scan and see more doctors. We have to spread the word:-)