Pizza Day

Yesterday was Pizza Making Day at Daddy's work-but it was just for kids. What a great idea!

Here I am with Daddy getting ready to color my pizza box.

Now I am sampling the cheese before it goes on my very own pizza.

I got to drink my first Capri Sun.

Here comes my hot pizza!

Good stuff. Mommy and Daddy helped me eat my pizza, but I didn't let them have too much.

Now I am a pizza chef.

After pizza time, I went to Daddy's office. I love to play with these little toys on his desk.

The best part of the day was the ride home because Daddy's boss gave me my very own car magazine. What a great day!

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Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...


They have pizza and car magazines at your dad's work? Please tell me what kind of job your dad has, cause I think when I'm bigger that might be the job I want.

What a fun day you got to have!!!

Love, Jamey