What Could Be Better?

Today, I got a special piece of mail. Here it is...

A colored card from my little buddies Ava, Emma Claire, and Jamey! It says, "Jonathan, You are getting very sleepy..." They're hoping I do a good job of sleeping for my CT scan on Friday morning. I hope I do, too. Mommy says she'll read me this card before it's time for me to go to sleep.

Here is a picture of my little buddies coloring my card before they mailed it to me. I feel so special!

I'll show my card to Ella when she comes over today. Ella's mommy, Ms. Jen, has a baby in her tummy, and today is the day she finds out whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Ella will be here while Ms. Jen finds out.

I have little buddies to love far away, and little buddies to love nearby. What could be better?


Ava said...

I'm glad you liked your special card. We miss you tons and will be praying for you on Friday.

The Growing VM Family said...

Hey you changed us in the "Meet Some of My Friends" section! (from "new baby" to "new sister") Fun!! Thanks again for letting me come over to play yesterday. Hopefully you can come play at my house soon-- just tell your Mommy to go somewhere!

Love, Ella