A Big Trip and a Huge Post

As promised, here are lots of pictures from our trip to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays!

Here I am eating dinner with two of my cousins (Daddy's cousins' kids) who I met in January, Kali and Molly.

Kali and Molly and I had a great time running around a nursery with some of the grown-up ladies.

I let their sister, Baby Gabi, use my stroller so that Kali and Molly could drive.

The nursery owners had a dog. I fell in love with the dog and gave her lots of pats and hugs.

I think she loves me, too!

I love this dog!

All of our traveling made me very tired, and I took some really good naps in in Aunt Connie's and Aunt Linda's basements. Dark, cozy basements make for great naps. Molly and Kali had fun with Mommy while I slept.

Here are the birthday boy and girl. Grandpa's hat says "60 and Still Cookin'".

Kali and Molly love books just like I do. I was a good sharer and let them read my firefighter book. All weekend long, I played that I was a firefighter and Aunt Connie's couch was the apparatus.

Grandpa and I went fishing together, and he helped me catch my first fish!

But, fishing was not quite as exciting as the steam engine and train I saw in the distance. I had to go see them!

Here I am being the engineer...

and the brakeman on the caboose.

I got to drive my first John Deere tractor that belongs to Uncle Jerry and Uncle Bill...

and my first RV, which belongs to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Don.

All the activity and loss of sleep made me cuddly.

Grandpa helped me to wear the right team's colors.

I had a great time being entertained by Zack, Carson, and Spencer.

I loved running in the fields and talking about the cows!


Grandma H said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. You sure had a lot of fun adventures in a few short days!

Gma H

The Growing VM Family said...

Welcome Home Jonathan!

So glad to hear you had such a fun and adventurous trip. We are a little jealous that you have another Lily dog in your life now, though...

We'll stop by in the next few days with your air mattresses.

Love, Ella