Happy Birthday, Jared!

Today, I got to go to another birthday party...this time, for Jared. He and Ella are truly lifelong buddies since they met in the hospital when they were born! You can see some great pictures of the party on Ella's blog. Jared had a swimming party at his grandparents' house complete with a big pool, a kiddie bool, and a bounce house. I ate enough yummy fruit for three people, and for dessert, I had a cupcake inside an ice cream cone. I loved that since the frosting didn't touch my fingers. And after that, I had an ice cream cup! We all had a great time and I'm sure we all had great naps afterwards. Thanks for inviting me to your party, Jared!

This was my favorite part of Jared's party.

Ella is sliding, and I'm watching. Mommy and Daddy say I'd rather observe than jump in and participate, and they're right.

Here we are enjoying our cone-cup-cakes: in the back row, a little girl I didn't know, then Ella, then Thea, then another little girl, then me. In the front row, Anneliese, Kirsi, and Jared.

Here I am enjoying my ice cream with Kirsi.

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