Let's Do This Again!

Today, I had a great adventure with my two little buddies and their moms. We went to play in the "mountain!" Ella had been there before-you know how Ms. Jen is always doing creative things with her-but Jared and I had never been. We had the best time!

There were so many fun pictures that we made them very small. You can click on your favorite ones to make them big. And, as you probably already guessed, I'm the one in the hat.

Mommy was proud and surprised that I was brave and ran around in the water all by myself (as you can see in the video below this post.) I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot more this summer. Why don't you come join us?

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for a fun morning in the mountains. We borrowed some of your fun pictures for our blog. We like your video too-- you were so brave. Hope you have a great time with your far away friends.

Love, Ella

PS Was my mom at your house today? She is so sneaky to go without me!