Daddy is Flying Home...and I'm Pretty Funny

My dad has been away on another plane trip this week, but he'll be home any minute. Mommy and I are so glad. We have stayed busy with Vacation Bible School, but we'd rather be busy with Daddy. And, Mommy thinks I need some wrestling time with Daddy. Maybe that's because of my rowdy attitude at bedtime this week. Daddy won't have any more business trips until October, so I guess I'll have to think of some other ways to amuse Mommy besides stomping while laying in bed and yelling (happily) when she is trying to sing to me.

Tonight, we ran a few errands to stay extra busy. We went to the post office, the drug store, and the library. We had to go to the library because it was time to take back my big pile of books and videos about trains, firetrucks, and tractors. Mommy said it was someone else's turn to read them. I tried to be a good sport about it.

After that, we ate something yummy for dinner: a Teriyaki chicken bowl. I shared it with Mommy and had a great time. And, after that, we had an extra-special treat: we walked across the parking lot to the grocery store that sells yummy cookes for $.20 each. I sang my cookie song and chose a cranberry cookie to eat on the way home. What could be better? Just one thing...Daddy coming home tonight!

(Something else I thought I'd mention...I'm getting pretty good at making jokes. Yesterday I was drinking apple juice, and Mommy and I were talking about apples growing on trees. I said, "Apples come from the tomato factory. That's funny!" And today, Mommy and I had talked about Toto and Grandma's car both being Saturns. Mommy wanted me to tell Grandma about it, so she asked me what kind of car Grandma had. I said, "It's a Corvette." My silly ideas make everyone laugh, so they must be pretty funny.)

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