New Curtains

Now that a lot of the painting is done, Mommy has gone to work putting curtains in the painted rooms. I like our new paint and curtains. Some friends (especially Graham's mommy) have been asking for pictures, so here they are!

These are the new valances Mommy made for the kitchen. You can see that she needs to clean up the kitchen. Daddy helped her pick out the fabric.

Here are the curtains in our guest room. Mommy copied these from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. You might remember them from Mommy's Creative Memories room in our old house.

Here are the valances that Mommy made for the playroom. (You can see that there are still a few things to put away before my buddies arrive.) This fabric used to be a swag in the living room of our old house. If you look closely, you can see the dragonflies.

Here are the curtains for the living room. Mommy cheated and bought these, and Daddy and I helped pick them out. She plans to get some pretty tiebacks for them, but right now she just has string.

Here I am in the family room with our new curtains. Mommy cheated on these and bought them instead of making them, too. She had Daddy's help picking them out. Great Grandma was the first guest to see them, and she really liked them! We think that it softens the bright red color a little bit.

Mommy and Daddy think that this house is slowly starting to look like our home. We all hope that our friends will feel comfortable here. So, if you live nearby, we hope you'll drop in and make yourself at home, and if you live far away, we hope you'll plan a trip to see us!

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