Old Friends in a New Place

Yesterday, I got to visit my good buddies, Anabelle and Carey Mae, and their mommy, Ms. Michele. (Their daddy, Mr. Thom, had to work.) The last time I saw them was in December, when Mommy and Daddy and I visited the town where Mommy and Daddy fell in love and lived when they first got married. The great thing is that Anabelle and Carey Mae's grandparents live just a couple of hours from here, so we'll get to see them at least once a year. Yipee!

They have a new little brother named Hamilton. Here he is wearing the outfit we sent to him.

Here I am with Anabelle and Carey Mae eating a delicious lunch. As you can see, we were all saying "cheese!" at the same time.

Carey Mae is teaching Hamilton how to play "peek-a-boo." Carey Mae is just my size although she's 18 mos. older.

Mommy wanted a picture of me with Anabelle. We have loved each other since I was tiny. However, I was more interested in vehicles than I was in posing.

Even though we left lots and lots of friends behind when we moved, we are very thankful that some of them will come this direction now and then so that we can keep visiting in person. We're so thankful for our friends!

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Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

I'm one of those friends who will come your way! Yippee!!! Although, it may not be for a while...we're hoping for February. That's a long way away. Now I'm feeling sad... Good thing we have blogs to keep in touch with each other. :-)

Love, Jamey